Comprehensive Rules



  Magic: The Gathering Original Game Design: Richard Garfield

Comprehensive Rules Design and Development: Paul Barclay, Mark L. Gottlieb, Beth Moursund, Bill Rose, and Matt Tabak, with contributions from Charlie Cátinò, John Carter, Elaine Chase, Laurie Cheers, Stephen D’Angelo, Dave DeLaney, Brady Dommermuth, Mike Donais, Skaff Elias, Mike Elliott, Richard Garfield, Dan Gray, Robert Gutschera, Collin Jackson, William Jockusch, Jeff Jordan, Yonemura Kaoru, Russell Linnemann, Jim Lin, Steve Lord, Sheldon Menery, Michael Phoenix, Mark Rosewater, David Sachs, Lee Sharpe, Eli Shiffrin, Henry Stern, Donald X. Vaccarino, Thijs van Ommen, Ingo Warnke, Tom Wylie, and Bryan Zembruski

Editing: Del Laugel (lead), Gregg Luben, Nat Moes, Matt Tabak, and Hans Ziegler

Magic Rules Management: Eli Shiffrin

The Magic: The Gathering game was designed by Richard Garfield, with contributions from Charlie Cátinò, Skaff Elias, Don Felice, Tom Fontaine, Jim Lin, Joel Mick, Chris Page, Dave Pettey, Barry “Bit” Reich, Bill Rose, and Elliott Segal. The mana symbols were designed by Christopher Rush.

Thanks to all our project team members and the many others too numerous to mention who have contributed to this product.

These rules are effective as of August 7, 2020.

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