Global Series Jiang Yanggu & Mu Yanling (gs1)

41 cards ⸱ Released on 2018-06-22


Set#NameCasting CostTypeRarityNormalFoil
34Aggressive InstinctSorceryCommon$0.1
12Ancestor DragonCreature — DragonRare$0.9
7Armored Whirl TurtleCreature — TurtleCommon$0.07
33Breath of FireInstantCommon$0.08
17Brilliant PlanSorceryUncommon$0.06
37Cleansing ScreechSorceryCommon$0.08
13Cloak of MistsEnchantment — AuraCommon$0.27
2Colorful Feiyi SparrowCreature — BirdCommon$0.06
35Confidence from StrengthSorceryCommon$0.1
16Dragon's PresenceInstantCommon$0.08
15Drown in ShapelessnessInstantCommon$0.05
9Earth-Origin YakCreature — OxCommon$0.04
31Earthshaking SiCreature — BeastCommon$0.09
24Feiyi SnakeCreature — SnakeCommon$0.06
28Ferocious ZhengCreature — Cat BeastCommon$0.08
29Fire-Omen CraneCreature — Bird SpiritUncommon$0.11
40ForestBasic Land — ForestCommon$0.41
27Giant SpiderCreature — SpiderCommon$0.06
32Hardened-Scale ArmorEnchantment — AuraCommon$0.07
6Heavenly QilinCreature — KirinCommon$0.08
21IslandBasic Land — IslandCommon$0.33
22Jiang YangguLegendary Planeswalker — YangguMythic$1.43
36Journey for the ElixirSorceryRare$0.11
23Leopard-Spotted JiaoCreature — BeastCommon$0.06
19Meandering RiverLandCommon$0.06
10Moon-Eating DogCreature — HoundUncommon$0.05
39MountainBasic Land — MountainCommon$0.24
T1Mowu // MowuToken Legendary Creature — Hound // Token Legendary Creature — HoundCommon$0.9
1Mu YanlingLegendary Planeswalker — YanlingMythic$4.21
8Nine-Tail White FoxCreature — Fox SpiritCommon$0.24
20PlainsBasic Land — PlainsCommon$0.19
3Purple-Crystal CrabCreature — CrabCommon$0.06
14Qilin's BlessingInstantCommon$0.06
26Reckless PangolinCreature — PangolinCommon$0.05
18Rhythmic Water VortexSorceryRare$0.1
25Sacred White DeerCreature — ElkUncommon$0.03
30Screeching PhoenixCreature — PhoenixRare$0.25
11Stormcloud SpiritCreature — SpiritUncommon$0.04
38Timber GorgeLandCommon$0.07
4Vivid Flying FishCreature — Fish LizardCommon$0.09
5Welkin TernCreature — BirdCommon$0.07