Masters Edition III (me3)

230 cards ⸱ Released on 2009-09-07


Set#NameCasting CostTypeRarityNormalFoil
85Active VolcanoInstantUncommon
1Akron LegionnaireCreature — Giant SoldierRare
2Alabaster PotionInstantUncommon
57All Hallow's EveSorceryRare
3Amrou KithkinCreature — KithkinCommon
86Anaba AncestorCreature — Minotaur SpiritCommon
87Anaba Spirit CrafterCreature — Minotaur ShamanCommon
141Angus MackenzieLegendary Creature — Human ClericRare
113ArboriaWorld EnchantmentRare
142Arcades SabbothLegendary Creature — Elder DragonRare
188Arena of the AncientsArtifactRare
58Ashes to AshesSorceryUncommon
143Axelrod GunnarsonLegendary Creature — GiantUncommon
59BansheeCreature — SpiritUncommon
144Barktooth WarbeardLegendary Creature — Human WarriorCommon
190Barl's CageArtifactRare
145Bartel RuneaxeLegendary Creature — Giant WarriorUncommon
204BayouLand — Swamp ForestRare
205Bazaar of BaghdadLandRare
29Benthic ExplorersCreature — Merfolk ScoutCommon
191Black ViseArtifactRare
88Blood LustInstantCommon
192Bone FluteArtifactCommon
146Boris DevilboonLegendary Creature — Zombie WizardUncommon
31Borrowing 100,000 ArrowsSorceryUncommon
32Brilliant PlanSorceryCommon
89Burning of XinyeSorceryRare
4Call to ArmsEnchantmentUncommon
33Capture of JingzhouSorceryRare
60Carrion AntsCreature — InsectUncommon
90Chain LightningSorceryCommon
147ChromiumLegendary Creature — Elder DragonRare
91Cinder StormSorceryUncommon
206City of ShadowsLandRare
193Coal GolemArtifact Creature — GolemCommon
114Concordant CrossroadsWorld EnchantmentRare
92Corrupt EunuchsCreature — Human AdvisorUncommon
61Cosmic HorrorCreature — HorrorRare
93Crimson KoboldsCreature — KoboldCommon
94Crimson ManticoreCreature — ManticoreUncommon
6D'Avenant ArcherCreature — Human Soldier ArcherCommon
34Dance of ManyEnchantmentUncommon
62Demonic TormentEnchantment — AuraCommon
115Desert TwisterSorceryUncommon
63Desperate ChargeSorceryCommon
8Divine InterventionEnchantmentRare
96Dong Zhou, the TyrantLegendary Creature — Human SoldierRare
9Eightfold MazeInstantUncommon
116Elves of Deep ShadowCreature — Elf DruidCommon
64Evil PresenceEnchantment — AuraCommon
10ExorcistCreature — Human ClericUncommon
117Faerie NobleCreature — Faerie NobleUncommon
11False DefeatSorceryUncommon
195Fellwar StoneArtifactCommon
66Fevered StrengthInstantCommon
97Fire AmbushSorceryCommon
98Fire DrakeCreature — DrakeCommon
118Fire SpritesCreature — FaerieCommon
99Firestorm PhoenixCreature — PhoenixRare
35Flash FloodInstantUncommon
36Force SpikeInstantCommon
37Forced RetreatSorceryCommon
228ForestBasic Land — ForestCommon
229ForestBasic Land — ForestCommon
230ForestBasic Land — ForestCommon
100Forked LightningSorceryUncommon
119Freyalise's WindsEnchantmentRare
101Frost GiantCreature — GiantUncommon
148Gabriel AngelfireLegendary Creature — AngelRare
120Gaea's TouchEnchantmentUncommon
196Gauntlets of ChaosArtifactRare
67Ghostly VisitSorceryCommon
68Ghosts of the DamnedCreature — SpiritCommon
121Giant GrowthInstantCommon
69Grim TutorSorceryRare
13Guan Yu's 1,000-Li MarchSorceryRare
12Guan Yu, Sainted WarriorLegendary Creature — Human Soldier WarriorUncommon
149Gwendlyn Di CorciLegendary Creature — Human RogueRare
150HalfdaneLegendary Creature — ShapeshifterRare
207HammerheimLegendary LandUncommon
151Hazezon TamarLegendary Creature — Human WarriorRare
122Heavy FogInstantCommon
123Hua Tuo, Honored PhysicianLegendary Creature — HumanRare
152Hunding GjornersenLegendary Creature — Human WarriorUncommon
124Hunting CheetahCreature — CatCommon
102Hurloon MinotaurCreature — MinotaurCommon
197Illusionary MaskArtifactRare
103ImmolationEnchantment — AuraCommon
219IslandBasic Land — IslandCommon
221IslandBasic Land — IslandCommon
220IslandBasic Land — IslandCommon
15Ivory GuardiansCreature — Giant ClericUncommon
153Jedit OjanenLegendary Creature — Cat WarriorCommon
154Jerrard of the Closed FistLegendary Creature — Human KnightCommon
125Jungle LionCreature — CatCommon
208KarakasLegendary LandRare
155Kei TakahashiLegendary Creature — Human ClericUncommon
126Killer BeesCreature — InsectUncommon
156Kjeldoran FrostbeastCreature — Elemental BeastUncommon
198Knowledge VaultArtifactUncommon
104Kobold Drill SergeantCreature — Kobold SoldierUncommon
105Kobold OverlordCreature — KoboldUncommon
106Kobold TaskmasterCreature — KoboldCommon
107Kobolds of Kher KeepCreature — KoboldCommon
16Kongming, "Sleeping Dragon"Legendary Creature — Human AdvisorRare
39Labyrinth MinotaurCreature — MinotaurCommon
157Lady CaleriaLegendary Creature — Elf ArcherUncommon
158Lady EvangelaLegendary Creature — Human ClericUncommon
159Lady OrcaLegendary Creature — DemonCommon
40Land EquilibriumEnchantmentRare
17Land TaxEnchantmentRare
71Lesser WerewolfCreature — WerewolfCommon
199Life ChiselArtifactRare
18Lightning BlowInstantCommon
19Liu Bei, Lord of ShuLegendary Creature — Human SoldierRare
127Living PlaneWorld EnchantmentRare
160Livonya SiloneLegendary Creature — Human WarriorUncommon
20Loyal RetainersCreature — Human AdvisorUncommon
108Lu Bu, Master-at-ArmsLegendary Creature — Human Soldier WarriorRare
41Lu Meng, Wu GeneralLegendary Creature — Human SoldierUncommon
42Lu Xun, Scholar GeneralLegendary Creature — Human SoldierUncommon
43Mana DrainInstantRare
44Mana VortexEnchantmentRare
161Marhault ElsdragonLegendary Creature — Elf WarriorUncommon
129Meng Huo's HordeCreature — Human SoldierCommon
128Meng Huo, Barbarian KingLegendary Creature — Human Barbarian SoldierRare
72Mind TwistSorceryRare
21Misfortune's GainSorceryCommon
225MountainBasic Land — MountainCommon
226MountainBasic Land — MountainCommon
227MountainBasic Land — MountainCommon
162NebuchadnezzarLegendary Creature — Human WizardUncommon
73Nether VoidWorld EnchantmentRare
163Nicol BolasLegendary Creature — Elder DragonRare
200Nova PentacleArtifactRare
45Old Man of the SeaCreature — DjinnRare
164Palladia-MorsLegendary Creature — Elder DragonRare
165Pavel MalikiLegendary Creature — HumanUncommon
22Peach Garden OathSorceryCommon
217PlainsBasic Land — PlainsCommon
216PlainsBasic Land — PlainsCommon
218PlainsBasic Land — PlainsCommon
209PlateauLand — Mountain PlainsRare
166Princess LucreziaLegendary Creature — Human WizardUncommon
109Raging MinotaurCreature — Minotaur BerserkerCommon
167RagnarLegendary Creature — Human ClericUncommon
168Ramirez DePietroLegendary Creature — Human PirateCommon
169Ramses OverdarkLegendary Creature — Human AssassinUncommon
170Rasputin DreamweaverLegendary Creature — Human WizardRare
47Remove SoulInstantCommon
49Reveka, Wizard SavantLegendary Creature — Dwarf WizardUncommon
131Riding the Dilu HorseSorceryUncommon
171Riven TurnbullLegendary Creature — Human AdvisorUncommon
172Rohgahh of Kher KeepLegendary Creature — KoboldRare
110Rolling EarthquakeSorceryRare
173Rubinia SoulsingerLegendary Creature — FaerieRare
210ScrublandLand — Plains SwampRare
132Scryb SpritesCreature — FaerieCommon
23Shu CavalryCreature — Human SoldierCommon
24Shu Elite CompanionsCreature — Human SoldierCommon
25Shu GeneralCreature — Human SoldierCommon
26Shu Soldier-FarmersCreature — Human SoldierCommon
174Sir Shandlar of EberynLegendary Creature — Human KnightCommon
175Sivitri ScarzamLegendary Creature — HumanCommon
133Slashing TigerCreature — CatCommon
201Sol GrailArtifactCommon
211Sorrow's PathLandRare
176Spectral ShieldEnchantment — AuraUncommon
50Spiny StarfishCreature — StarfishUncommon
74Spirit ShackleEnchantment — AuraCommon
134Spoils of VictorySorceryCommon
177StanggLegendary Creature — Human WarriorUncommon
75Stolen GrainSorceryUncommon
111Storm WorldWorld EnchantmentRare
51Strategic PlanningSorceryCommon
52Sun Ce, Young ConquererLegendary Creature — Human SoldierUncommon
53Sun Quan, Lord of WuLegendary Creature — Human SoldierRare
178Sunastian FalconerLegendary Creature — Human ShamanUncommon
222SwampBasic Land — SwampCommon
223SwampBasic Land — SwampCommon
224SwampBasic Land — SwampCommon
202Sword of the AgesArtifactRare
76TakklemaggotEnchantment — AuraUncommon
179Tetsuo UmezawaLegendary Creature — Human ArcherRare
77The AbyssWorld EnchantmentRare
180The Lady of the MountainLegendary Creature — GiantCommon
212The Tabernacle at Pendrell ValeLegendary LandRare
78The WretchedCreature — DemonUncommon
135Three VisitsSorceryCommon
181Tobias AndrionLegendary Creature — Human AdvisorCommon
182Tor WaukiLegendary Creature — Human ArcherUncommon
183Torsten Von UrsusLegendary Creature — Human SoldierCommon
136TrackerCreature — HumanUncommon
137Trip WireSorceryCommon
213Tropical IslandLand — Forest IslandRare
184Tuknir DeathlockLegendary Creature — Human WizardUncommon
214UrborgLegendary LandUncommon
185Vaevictis AsmadiLegendary Creature — Elder DragonRare
215Volcanic IslandLand — Island MountainRare
203Voodoo DollArtifactRare
27Wall of LightCreature — WallCommon
186Wandering MageCreature — Human Cleric WizardRare
79Wei Elite CompanionsCreature — Human SoldierCommon
80Wei InfantryCreature — Human SoldierCommon
81Wei Night RaidersCreature — Human SoldierUncommon
82Wei Strike ForceCreature — Human SoldierCommon
138Willow PriestessCreature — Faerie DruidUncommon
139Willow SatyrCreature — SatyrRare
140Wormwood TreefolkCreature — TreefolkUncommon
54Wu Elite CavalryCreature — Human SoldierCommon
55Wu LongbowmanCreature — Human Soldier ArcherCommon
56Wu WarshipCreature — Human SoldierCommon
83Xiahou Dun, the One-EyedLegendary Creature — Human SoldierUncommon
187Xira ArienLegendary Creature — Insect WizardRare
84Young Wei RecruitsCreature — Human SoldierCommon
28Zhang Fei, Fierce WarriorLegendary Creature — Human Soldier WarriorUncommon
112Zodiac DragonCreature — DragonRare