Fate Reforged Promos (pfrf)

39 cards ⸱ Released on 2015-01-23


Set#NameCasting CostTypeRarityNormalFoil
90sAlesha, Who Smiles at DeathLegendary Creature — Human WarriorRare$3.31
62sArchfiend of DepravityCreature — DemonRare$2.75
62Archfiend of DepravityCreature — DemonRare
149sAtarka, World RenderLegendary Creature — DragonRare$1.15
64sBrutal HordechiefCreature — Orc WarriorMythic$1.41
9sDaghatar the AdamantLegendary Creature — Human WarriorRare$0.66
11sDragonscale GeneralCreature — Human WarriorRare$0.39
11Dragonscale GeneralCreature — Human WarriorRare
151sDromoka, the EternalLegendary Creature — DragonRare$1.03
99sFlamerush RiderCreature — Human WarriorRare$0.43
99Flamerush RiderCreature — Human WarriorRare
100sFlamewake PhoenixCreature — PhoenixRare$2.13
36sJeskai InfiltratorCreature — Human MonkRare$0.55
155sKolaghan, the Storm's FuryLegendary Creature — DragonRare$2.67
74Mardu ShadowspearCreature — Human WarriorUncommon
75sMardu Strike LeaderCreature — Human WarriorRare$1.03
19sMastery of the UnseenEnchantmentRare$0.8
156sOjutai, Soul of WinterLegendary Creature — DragonRare$1.35
22sRally the AncestorsInstantRare$3.34
50sSage-Eye AvengersCreature — Djinn MonkRare$0.28
50Sage-Eye AvengersCreature — Djinn MonkRare
137sSandsteppe MastodonCreature — ElephantRare$0.15
137Sandsteppe MastodonCreature — ElephantRare
113sShaman of the Great HuntCreature — Orc ShamanMythic$1.24
138Shamanic RevelationSorceryRare
138sShamanic RevelationSorceryRare$1.94
52sShu Yun, the Silent TempestLegendary Creature — Human MonkRare$1.58
157sSilumgar, the Drifting DeathLegendary Creature — DragonRare$3.37
27sSoulfire Grand MasterCreature — Human MonkMythic$7.09
84sSoulflayerCreature — DemonRare$4.86
54Supplant FormInstantRare
54sSupplant FormInstantRare$0.42
87sTasigur, the Golden FangLegendary Creature — Human ShamanRare$5.12
142Temur War ShamanCreature — Human ShamanRare
56sTorrent ElementalCreature — ElementalMythic$1.71
143sWarden of the First TreeCreature — HumanMythic$2.31
148sYasova DragonclawLegendary Creature — Human WarriorRare$1.29