Pro Tour Promos (ppro)

16 cards ⸱ Released on 2007-02-09


Set#NameCasting CostTypeRarityNormalFoil
2020-3Aether VialArtifactRare
2011Ajani GoldmaneLegendary Planeswalker — AjaniMythic$10.5
2019Arcbound RavagerArtifact Creature — BeastRare
2010Avatar of WoeCreature — AvatarRare$18.07
2020-1Cryptic CommandInstantRare$20.09
2017Emrakul, the Aeons TornLegendary Creature — EldraziMythic$42.2
2007Eternal DragonCreature — Dragon SpiritRare$7.71
2015Liliana of the VeilLegendary Planeswalker — LilianaMythic$110.3
2008Mirari's WakeEnchantmentRare$35.64
2018Noble HierarchCreature — Human DruidRare$38.82
2016Snapcaster MageCreature — Human WizardMythic$140.18
2020-2Surgical ExtractionInstantRare
2009Treva, the RenewerLegendary Creature — DragonRare$24.47