From the Vault: Angels (v15)

15 cards ⸱ Released on 2015-08-21


Set#NameCasting CostTypeRarityNormalFoil
1Akroma, Angel of FuryLegendary Creature — AngelMythic$2.97
2Akroma, Angel of WrathLegendary Creature — AngelMythic$3.43
3Archangel of StrifeCreature — AngelMythic$0.75
4Aurelia, the WarleaderLegendary Creature — AngelMythic$9
5Avacyn, Angel of HopeLegendary Creature — AngelMythic$38.04
6Baneslayer AngelCreature — AngelMythic$7.46
7Entreat the AngelsSorceryMythic$1.54
8Exalted AngelCreature — AngelMythic$1.3
9Iona, Shield of EmeriaLegendary Creature — AngelMythic$4.35
10Iridescent AngelCreature — AngelMythic$0.94
11Jenara, Asura of WarLegendary Creature — AngelMythic$2.02
12Lightning AngelCreature — AngelMythic$0.5
13Platinum AngelArtifact Creature — AngelMythic$6.05
14Serra AngelCreature — AngelMythic$1.24
15Tariel, Reckoner of SoulsLegendary Creature — AngelMythic$2.73