Judge Gift Cards 2014 (j14)

14 cards ⸱ Released on 2014-01-01


Set#NameCasting CostTypeRarityNormalFoil
4Force of WillInstantRare$329.12
5★ForestBasic Land — ForestRare$93.46
2Greater GoodEnchantmentRare$15.56
5Hanna, Ship's NavigatorLegendary Creature — Human ArtificerRare$11.02
2★IslandBasic Land — IslandRare$155.51
1Karador, Ghost ChieftainLegendary Creature — Centaur SpiritRare$21.01
4★MountainBasic Land — MountainRare$51.15
7Nekusar, the MindrazerLegendary Creature — Zombie WizardRare$25.71
9Oloro, Ageless AsceticLegendary Creature — Giant SoldierRare$27.86
1★PlainsBasic Land — PlainsRare$80.09
3Riku of Two ReflectionsLegendary Creature — Human WizardMythic$33.15
3★SwampBasic Land — SwampRare$46.14
6Sword of Feast and FamineArtifact — EquipmentRare$99.39