Amonkhet Promos (pakh)

76 cards ⸱ Released on 2017-04-28


Set#NameCasting CostTypeRarityNormalFoil
1sAngel of SanctionsCreature — AngelMythic$2.55
2pAnointed ProcessionEnchantmentRare
2sAnointed ProcessionEnchantmentRare$23.55
4sApproach of the Second SunSorceryRare$5.25
78sArchfiend of IfnirCreature — DemonRare$2.51
78Archfiend of IfnirCreature — DemonRare
42sAs ForetoldEnchantmentMythic$15.11
5pAven MindcensorCreature — Bird WizardRare
5sAven MindcensorCreature — Bird WizardRare$3.36
82sBontu the GlorifiedLegendary Creature — GodMythic$4.93
196sBounty of the LuxaEnchantmentRare$1.24
239sCanyon SloughLand — Swamp MountainRare$4.11
240sCascading CataractsLandRare$7.14
159sChampion of RhonasCreature — Jackal WarriorRare$1.44
160sChanneler InitiateCreature — Human DruidRare$1.18
125sCombat CelebrantCreature — Human WarriorMythic$7.26
211sCommit // Memory//Instant // SorceryRare$4.02
84sCruel RealityEnchantment — Aura CurseMythic$2.07
49sCurator of MysteriesCreature — SphinxRare$0.72
223sCut // Ribbons//Sorcery // SorceryRare$1.85
51sDrake HavenEnchantmentRare$1.03
88sDread WandererCreature — Zombie JackalRare$2.83
210sDusk // Dawn//Sorcery // SorceryRare$2.45
221sFailure // Comply//Instant // SorceryRare$0.49
243sFetid PoolsLand — Island SwampRare$4.93
14sGideon of the TrialsLegendary Planeswalker — GideonMythic$13.5
15sGideon's InterventionEnchantmentRare$0.77
133sGlorious EndInstantMythic$1.58
16sGlory-Bound InitiateCreature — Human WarriorRare$0.84
134GlorybringerCreature — DragonRare
134sGlorybringerCreature — DragonRare$5.02
55sGlyph KeeperCreature — SphinxRare$0.49
199sHapatra, Vizier of PoisonsLegendary Creature — Human ClericRare$4.19
135sHarsh MentorCreature — Human ClericRare$2.01
170sHarvest SeasonSorceryRare$2.73
136sHazoret the FerventLegendary Creature — GodMythic$10.18
137sHazoret's FavorEnchantmentRare$0.46
138sHeart-Piercer ManticoreCreature — ManticoreRare$0.39
224sHeaven // Earth//Instant // SorceryRare$0.58
172sHonored HydraCreature — Snake HydraRare$0.8
213sInsult // Injury//Sorcery // SorceryRare$1.24
245sIrrigated FarmlandLand — Plains IslandRare$4.33
59sKefnet the MindfulLegendary Creature — GodMythic$5.08
98sLiliana's MasteryEnchantmentRare$2.21
97sLiliana, Death's MajestyLegendary Planeswalker — LilianaMythic$16.99
214sMouth // Feed//Sorcery // SorceryRare$0.76
203sNeheb, the WorthyLegendary Creature — Minotaur WarriorRare$1.57
212sNever // Return//Sorcery // SorceryRare$1.41
63sNew PerspectivesEnchantmentRare$1.34
204sNissa, Steward of ElementsLegendary Planeswalker — NissaMythic$9.75
21sOketra the TrueLegendary Creature — GodMythic$5.29
234sOracle's VaultArtifactRare$0.5
234Oracle's VaultArtifactRare
104sPlague BelcherCreature — Zombie BeastRare$2.72
220sPrepare // Fight//Instant // SorceryRare$0.31
180sProwling SerpopardCreature — Cat SnakeRare$3.81
65pPull from TomorrowInstantRare
65sPull from TomorrowInstantRare$3.09
235sPyramid of the PantheonArtifactRare$1.42
222sRags // Riches//Sorcery // SorceryRare$0.78
24sRegal CaracalCreature — CatRare$2.08
182sRhonas the IndomitableLegendary Creature — GodMythic$16.12
205sSamut, Voice of DissentLegendary Creature — Human WarriorMythic$7.77
183sSandwurm ConvergenceEnchantmentRare$3
247sScattered GrovesLand — Forest PlainsRare$3.95
107sShadow of the GraveInstantRare$2.42
248sSheltered ThicketLand — Mountain ForestRare$4.92
148sSoul-Scar MageCreature — Human WizardRare$8.11
149sSweltering SunsSorceryRare$2.24
207sTemmet, Vizier of NaktamunLegendary Creature — Human ClericRare$0.96
237sThrone of the God-PharaohLegendary ArtifactRare$5.69
35Trueheart DuelistCreature — Human WarriorUncommon
74sVizier of Many FacesCreature — Shapeshifter ClericRare$1.47
192sVizier of the MenagerieCreature — Naga ClericMythic$14.74