Wizards Play Network 2011 (pwp11)

14 cards ⸱ Released on 2011-01-01


Set#NameCasting CostTypeRarityNormalFoil
77AuramancerCreature — Human WizardRare
83Bloodcrazed NeonateCreature — VampireRare
84Boneyard WurmCreature — WurmRare
78Circle of FlameEnchantmentRare
80Curse of the Bloody TomeEnchantment — Aura CurseRare
64Master's CallInstantRare
72Maul SplicerCreature — Human ArtificerRare
65Plague MyrArtifact Creature — MyrRare
73Shrine of Burning RageArtifactRare
66Signal PestArtifact Creature — PestRare
70Sylvan RangerCreature — Elf ScoutRare
76Tormented SoulCreature — SpiritRare
71Vault SkirgeArtifact Creature — ImpRare