Defeat a God (tdag)

15 cards ⸱ Released on 2014-05-02


Set#NameCasting CostTypeRarityNormalFoil
14Dance of FlameEnchantmentCommon
15Dance of PanicEnchantmentCommon
3Ecstatic PiperToken Creature — Satyr RevelerCommon
8Impulsive ChargeSorceryCommon
9Impulsive DestructionSorceryCommon
10Impulsive ReturnSorceryCommon
4Maddened OreadToken Enchantment Creature — Nymph RevelerCommon
5Pheres-Band RevelersToken Creature — Centaur RevelerCommon
11Rip to PiecesSorceryCommon
2Rollicking ThrongToken Creature — Human RevelerCommon
6Serpent DancersToken Creature — Human RevelerCommon
7Wild MaenadsToken Creature — Human RevelerCommon
1Xenagos AscendedToken Legendary Enchantment Creature — GodCommon
12Xenagos's ScornSorceryCommon
13Xenagos's StrikeSorceryCommon