Shadows over Innistrad Promos (psoi)

89 cards ⸱ Released on 2016-04-08


Set#NameCasting CostTypeRarityNormalFoil
241sAltered EgoCreature — ShapeshifterRare$2.67
1sAlways WatchingEnchantmentRare$3.93
2sAngel of DeliveranceCreature — AngelRare$0.27
2Angel of DeliveranceCreature — AngelRare
242sAnguished UnmakingInstantRare$7.38
242Anguished UnmakingInstantRare
242pAnguished UnmakingInstantRare
5sArchangel Avacyn // Avacyn, the PurifierLegendary Creature — Angel // Legendary Creature — AngelMythic$14.27
243sArlinn Kord // Arlinn, Embraced by the MoonLegendary Planeswalker — Arlinn // Legendary Planeswalker — ArlinnMythic$8.88
99sAsylum VisitorCreature — Vampire WizardRare$2.39
145sAvacyn's JudgmentSorceryRare$0.92
101sBehold the BeyondSorceryMythic$2.18
252sBrain in a JarArtifactRare$0.67
148sBurn from WithinSorceryRare$1.29
8sBygone BishopCreature — Spirit ClericRare$0.97
270sChoked EstuaryLandRare$3.43
53sConfirm SuspicionsInstantRare$0.97
253sCorrupted GrafstoneArtifactRare$0.74
200sCryptolith RiteEnchantmentRare$7.28
202sDeathcap CultivatorCreature — Human DruidRare$0.74
12sDeclaration in StoneSorceryRare$5.33
13sDescend upon the SinfulSorceryMythic$0.71
151sDevils' PlaygroundSorceryRare$0.36
107sDiregraf ColossusCreature — Zombie GiantRare$7.41
15Drogskol CavalryCreature — Spirit KnightRare
15sDrogskol CavalryCreature — Spirit KnightRare$0.5
271sDrownyard TempleLandRare$1.8
16sEerie InterludeInstantRare$4.85
16pEerie InterludeInstantRare
108sElusive Tormentor // Insidious MistCreature — Vampire Wizard // Creature — ElementalRare$0.22
108Elusive Tormentor // Insidious MistCreature — Vampire Wizard // Creature — ElementalRare
58sEngulf the ShoreInstantRare$1.75
59sEpiphany at the DrownyardInstantRare$0.67
109sEver AfterSorceryRare$1.49
155sFalkenrath GorgerCreature — Vampire BerserkerRare$3.24
244sFevered VisionsEnchantmentRare$2.34
157sFlameblade AngelCreature — AngelRare$1.02
157Flameblade AngelCreature — AngelRare
272sForeboding RuinsLandRare$4.33
63sForgotten CreationCreature — Zombie HorrorRare$2.2
274sFortified VillageLandRare$3.2
111sFrom Under the FloorboardsSorceryRare$2
276sGame TrailLandRare$3.38
159sGeier Reach Bandit // Vildin-Pack AlphaCreature — Human Rogue Werewolf // Creature — WerewolfRare$1.57
65sGeralf's MasterpieceCreature — Zombie HorrorMythic$0.85
162sGoldnight CastigatorCreature — AngelMythic$1.89
21sHanweir Militia Captain // Westvale Cult LeaderCreature — Human Soldier // Creature — Human ClericRare$1.11
163sHarness the StormEnchantmentRare$0.28
166Incorrigible YouthsCreature — VampireUncommon
212sInexorable BlobCreature — OozeRare$0.57
246sInvocation of Saint TraftEnchantment — AuraRare$0.51
69sJace, Unraveler of SecretsLegendary Planeswalker — JaceMythic$8.89
122Markov DreadknightCreature — Vampire KnightRare
122sMarkov DreadknightCreature — Vampire KnightRare$0.27
124sMindwrack DemonCreature — DemonMythic$1.26
247sNahiri, the HarbingerLegendary Planeswalker — NahiriMythic$15.63
75Nephalia MoondrakesCreature — DrakeRare
75sNephalia MoondrakesCreature — DrakeRare$0.24
31sOdric, Lunarch MarshalLegendary Creature — Human SoldierRare$5.08
248sOlivia, Mobilized for WarLegendary Creature — Vampire KnightMythic$6.36
278sPort TownLandRare$3.41
249sPrized AmalgamCreature — ZombieRare$6.41
81sRattlechainsCreature — SpiritRare$3.33
175Ravenous BloodseekerCreature — Vampire BerserkerUncommon
131sRelentless DeadCreature — ZombieMythic$16
225sSage of Ancient Lore // Werewolf of Ancient HungerCreature — Human Shaman Werewolf // Creature — WerewolfRare$0.6
179sScourge WolfCreature — Wolf HorrorRare$0.95
226sSeasons PastSorceryMythic$11.19
227sSecond HarvestInstantRare$3.98
250sSigarda, Heron's GraceLegendary Creature — AngelMythic$5.94
228sSilverfur PartisanCreature — Wolf WarriorRare$1.81
181sSin ProdderCreature — DevilRare$1.95
264sSlayer's PlateArtifact — EquipmentRare$0.55
251sSorin, Grim NemesisLegendary Planeswalker — SorinMythic$18.84
230sSoul SwallowerCreature — WurmRare$0.5
230Soul SwallowerCreature — WurmRare
88sStartled Awake // Persistent NightmareSorcery // Creature — NightmareMythic$4.31
265sTamiyo's JournalLegendary ArtifactRare$15.99
265s†Tamiyo's JournalLegendary ArtifactRare$3.38
43sThalia's LieutenantCreature — Human SoldierRare$4.62
245sThe Gitrog MonsterLegendary Creature — Frog HorrorMythic$29.67
92sThing in the Ice // Awoken HorrorCreature — Horror // Creature — Kraken HorrorRare$20.51
233sTireless TrackerCreature — Human ScoutRare$26.38
139sTo the SlaughterInstantRare$1.06
234sTraverse the UlvenwaldSorceryRare$7.67
235sUlvenwald HydraCreature — HydraMythic$19.71
96sWelcome to the FoldSorceryRare$1.25
281sWestvale Abbey // Ormendahl, Profane PrinceLand // Legendary Creature — DemonRare$10.66
192sWolf of Devil's BreachCreature — Elemental WolfMythic$0.55